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Interventional Radiologists, Wound Care & Interventional Vascular Specialists located in Sheboygan and Milwaukee, WI

Third Coast Vascular is founded on the core principle of excellence in vascular medicine and wound care and provides superior healthcare services to adults in and around Sheboygan and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The interventional vascular specialists focus on innovative therapies for non-healing wounds and minimally invasive procedures for various vascular conditions.

The experienced physicians personalize individual treatment plans for peripheral artery disease and other venous diseases. They offer sclerotherapy, vein removal surgery, and other treatments on an outpatient basis to address painful varicose veins.

Third Coast Vascular also features minimally invasive embolization procedures on-site to treat bleeding from abnormal blood vessel connections or cut-off blood flow to tumors. They provide comprehensive after-care services to support patient recovery and ensure successful treatment.

Through their wound care services, the Third Coast Vascular physicians can treat open wounds from injuries and diabetes-related foot ulcers. The physicians utilize advanced therapies, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy and regenerative medicine, to support the healing of diabetic ulcers, pressure sores, surgical incisions, and other slow-healing wounds.

Kyphoplasty procedures are also available on an outpatient basis to relieve back pain from spinal compression fractures. Third Coast Vascular physicians offer image-guided kyphoplasty procedures to restore spine stability and function. 

The team strives to provide all wound care and vascular services that people need in the same facility. They also use advanced techniques and technologies to prevent the need for multiple visits and optimize overall treatment outcomes. 

Call the Third Coast Vascular office in Sheboygan or Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to schedule a consultation, or book an appointment online today. 

Wound care
TCV Onsite Wound Care is a program which establishes a community connection by providing on site wound care visits at skilled nursing facilities. TCV proudly incorporates Nurse Practitioners into the practice. Nurse Practitioners are trained in all aspects of advanced wound care. They provide direct care to the entire population of patients serviced by the TCV team. Patient management is provided under the guidance and supervision of an TCV physician. NPs come directly to long term care or rehabilitation facilities to assess and treat residents with wound and vascular issues. Best practice wound care management algorithms including debridement, if needed is performed bedside. The residents receive care within the comfort of their familiar setting or environment.

TCV strives to ensure quality care with innovative technology, with no expense to the facility. Providers directly bill the patient’s insurance. TCV has an expert team ready to meet resident needs and assist staff in optimizing patient outcomes. We would like the opportunity to discuss how we can help your facility and become partners in care. Our team would love to have the opportunity to personally discuss the services we can provide and share our goals of improved resident outcomes.

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TCV is a medical center in Milwaukee & Sheboygan WI, dedicated to Excellence in Wound, Vascular and Regenerative Services – Achieving Optimal Clinical & Economically Efficient Outcomes.
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Inside our office
Inside our office
Inside our office
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Innovative & Healthcare Solutions
TCV is an innovative entrepreneurial company founded on the core principle of excellence in Vascular Medicine and Wound Care. The TCV Limb Preservation Center is the first of its kind in the Midwest to combine and integrate expertise in wound care and vascular medicine for the management of peripheral vascular disease and ulcerative critical limb ischemia into one disease focused medical practice.