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Diabetic Wound Care

Diabetic Wound Care services offered in Sheboygan and Milwaukee, WI.

Painful foot ulcers can be a side effect of diabetes for many. Third Coast Vascular offers comprehensive diabetic wound care services to treat existing ulcers and prevent additional ones from forming. The interventional vascular specialists have extensive experience managing acute and chronic diabetic wounds to ensure they heal properly. They also offer a one-stop diabetic screening program to lower your risk for wound complications. Call the Milwaukee or Sheboygan, Wisconsin, office to schedule a diabetic wound care appointment, or book a consultation online today. 

Diabetic Wound Care Q & A

What is diabetic wound care?

High blood sugar levels that result from poorly controlled diabetes can damage your nerves and organs. The disease also reduces your body’s healing ability, making you more susceptible to painful foot lesions and ulcers.

Without proper management, chronic or non-healing wounds can require the amputation of your toes and feet, increasing your risk for disability and premature death.

Third Coast Vascular provides personalized diabetic wound care services on-site for adults. The experienced physicians offer a novel program incorporating a one-stop diabetic screening process with a wound care plan for each individual. They also provide ongoing patient support to lower your risk for additional diabetic wounds.  

When should I schedule a diabetic wound care consultation?

Diabetic wounds can result from even small cuts or breaks in the skin. If diabetes causes nerve damage in your feet, you may not notice the injury right away due to the loss of sensation. For this reason, it’s necessary to perform daily foot checks if you have diabetes.

Schedule a diabetic wound care consultation at Third Coast Vascular if you notice a sore, lesion, or ulcer on your feet. You should also schedule an evaluation if you have symptoms like:

  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Discomfort
  • Foul-smelling drainage

Early intervention for diabetic foot wounds ensures you get the necessary treatment before complications occur.

What can I expect during a diabetic wound care appointment?

The Third Coast Vascular physicians examine the skin of your feet and assess the severity of your wound. They may also need to remove dead skin tissue during an in-office debridement procedure to support wound healing and prescribe oral or topical antibiotics to treat or prevent infection. Regenerative medicine is also available to stimulate new tissue growth.

The physicians offer a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber on-site. While in the chamber, you breathe pure oxygen, which supports tissue healing in chronic wounds. Oxygen therapy mobilizes stem cells to the wound and increases white blood cell activity to stimulate new skin cell growth. 

Another essential part of your wound care plan is to get your diabetes under control with medications, lifestyle changes, and diet improvements. You should regularly check your feet for cuts and follow healthy foot hygiene practices to prevent additional foot injuries.

Call the Third Coast Vascular office near you to schedule a diabetic wound care appointment, or book a consultation online today.