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TCV provides management and consulting services to parties looking to either establish initial start-up ventures or to enhance and grow active operational wound care and vascular medicine programs. Cumulatively, the TCV clinical team boasts proven track record for success in the Milwaukee Metro region supported by over 100 years of experience in all areas related to the delivery of wound, hyperbaric and vascular services. Knowledge and experience domains include direct patient care, clinical management support services, evidence-based best practice clinical algorithms, clinical research, facility design and build out, hyperbaric chamber acquisition and installation, operational policies and procedures, safety, proforma development, marketing and program growth, revenue cycle oversight, provider recruitment, staff education and training, and interdepartmental and health system integration.

TCV works collaboratively with client partners to establish Centers of Excellence by incorporating Collaborative Care Models. By using these operational models TCV is able to decrease costs by implementing evidence based management protocols to optimize the management of vascular & wound care patients while at the same time implementing a disease prevention platform to hasten healing, prevent recurrence, reduce longer term complications and minimize the requirement for extended or recurrent hospitalization. A customized management agreement based on the individual client needs provides multiple options for involvement, including shared risk.